Projection Type

A projection type represents a type such as Self.AddO in the following code.

Add R = Trait {
    . `_+_` = Self, R -> Self.AddO
    .AddO = Type

AddForInt = Patch(Int, Impl := Add Int)
    AddO = Int

The type Add(R) can be said to be a type that defines addition with some object. Since the method should be a type attribute, the + type declaration should be written below the indentation. The mise-en-scène of the Add type is the declaration .AddO = Type, and the entity of the .AddO type, which is a projective type, is held by a type that is a subtype of Add. For example, Int.AddO = Int, Odd.AddO = Even.

assert Int < Add
assert Int.AddO == Int
assert Odd < Add
assert Odd.AddO == Even